About Us

Ruins publishes thoughtfully curated work intended to stimulate interest around urbanism and the future of cities. We love both stories about the built environment and commentary on arts & culture, personal stories and unique observations. Contributors range from the influential to everyday people.

We aim to reach people around the globe who are inspired by the city’s complexities and contradictions, by their designs and characters, by their art and culture, their grit and chaos, their flaws and impossible achievements, their density and blight, by their working class realities rubbing up against their outsized glamour, for the energy that pulses through a city around the clock like a magnetic force, connecting strangers and dividing lovers by subway and back alley, by bridges and jail cells, by discos and places of worship. People who love cities for their possibilities and limitations, their permanence and transience, their increasing accessibility and interaction on the global playing field. we aim to reach people who are interested in the past, present, and future of cities and inform the human condition.

Please send inquiries to info@ruinsmag.com.

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